Steamboat Doubles Schedule

7:00am Check-in: Dinosaur Doubles (Emails sent our prior with exact check-in times)
7:30am-Dark Start of Play: Dinosaur Doubles (May be adjusted depending on total amount of teams signed up)
Check-in Junior's
Start of Play: Junior's Divisions
8:00pm-10:00pm Check-In at The Rusted Porch for court assignments and t-shirts, saves your time in the morning.
Ken Lee playing guitar
7:00am-9pm  Start of Play: Men's Open 7am-5pm, Women's Open 11am-9pm
8:00am-8:30am Check-in: All Grass Divisions if you didn't Friday evening
8:45am (Sharp) Start of Play: All Grass Divisions
2:00pm–dark Playoffs & Finals: All Men's/Women's Grass Divisions
4:00pm-7pm Coed Check-In @ Howelsen Park for court assignments and park location
9pm-? Player Party Double Diamonds Dance Bar
7:00am (Sharp) Continuation Men's/Women's Open Sand Divisions
8:00am Finals: Men's/Women's grass divisions if necessary due to Saturday weather
8:00-8:30am Check-in: Grass Coed if not done Saturday evening at Howelsen Park
8:45am Start of Play: Grass Coed
3:00pm–7:00pm Finals: Coed Grass
4:00pm–6:00pm Finals: 4pm & 5pm Sand Open Divisions


Main Tournament area is Howelsen Park.  Teams must be at nets, ready to play, at the specified start time.